Contortion has also just recently signed with the management group E.M.G! This is a huge move for them and you will definitely be seeing more upcoming shows around the West Coast. Keep rockin' and check back on our shows/tour dates for more info! ​​

This band is not for the faint of heart. They have come to destroy your preconceived notions of your reality, of metal, and of your failed governments. 

Their message… Anti-elitist: One of the new awakening in America, and the world at large. Contortion is shedding light on the military state that is becoming the norm; and commanding attention to all the associated connecting threads that lead to the perpetual enslavement of the minds that make up world’s population.

Their name “Contortion” perfectly depicts the twisted and diverse style of their music. Never adhering to any particular sound or label, Contortion touches on all the most attractive features of every style of metal.

The collective energies that make up this unique act joined in the heart of Southern California in the winter of 2011. Since then they have released two pulse pounding/heart stopping CDs, that hold their own in any given metal genre.

“Brutal, hard hitting, intense, and evocative!” This is the band that brings an honest message and ‘Heavy’ back to Heavy Metal.

All things metal and all things brutal!